Hari Sarvottama

Vāyu Jīvottama

Śrī Jagadguru Madhvācārya Mūla Mahā Samsthānaṁ

Śrī Rājēndratīrthīya Pūrvādi Maṭha
Śrī Vyāsarāja Maṭha

श्रीमद्जगद्गुरु श्रीमन् मध्वाचार्य मूलमहासंस्थानम्

श्री राजेन्द्रतीर्थीय पूर्वादि मठ:
श्री व्यासराजमठ:

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SrIpAdaru’s AmrutOpadEsha at DenkanikOtta

Sri VyAsarAyaru was an exalted soul that advanced the cause of Madhva SiddhAnta and made it flourish in our dEsha. He has blessed us with the following deities that are worshipped every day in our samasthAna: mUla gOpAlakrisha, mUla pattAbhirAma, and vEdavyAsa dEvaru. It is to be remembered that these deities were worshipped by AchArya Madhva and have been inherited successively from then. He entered SanyAshrama at the tender age of seven and entered the vrundAvana at the ripe old age of ninety. His accomplishments during his sojourn in the mortal word are simply marvellous and inconceivable. This time was such that his disciples Sri VijayIndra tIrtha, Sri vAdirAja tIrtha, Sri Purandara dAsa, and Sri Kanaka dAsa stood as firm foundation blocks of AchArya Madhva’s philosophical thought. He firmly established AchArya Madhva’s dictum “Hari SarvOttama: vAyu jIvOttama” everywhere. At the auspicious Sriranga KshEtra, he ensured that vaishnavAs would not be put to unnecessary trouble by clearly ear-marking the boundary between Shaiva and Vaishnava domains. To date, this act of Sri VyAsarAyaru is fondly recalled with gratitude by denizens of the holy town.

vAyu dEvaru, also known as MukhyaprAna dEvaru is the governing deity (abhimAni dEvata) of our vital breath (shvAshOchvAsa). Further, he is jIvOttama, sakala vEdAbhimAni and occupies an exalted position in the gradation amongst celestials, being next only to Sriman nArAyana and Lakshmi dEvi. He happens to be the Jagadguru and firmly established Vishnu SarvOttamatva by taking the avatAra of Madhva. In the philosophy established by Madhva, vAyu jIvOttama is an important tenet. During the Hanuma and BhImAvatAra, vAyu dEvaru performed the duty of protecting the good ones by subduing the evil powers. In the age of Kali, he took the avatAra of Madhva and provided correct knowledge embedded in the scriptures by doing tattvOpadEsha. It is impossible to make spiritual progress without his blessings.

Sri VyAsarAyaru established seven hundred and thirty-two idols of HanumAn throughout the country to espouse the greatness of vAyu dEvaru. We understand from tradition that it was not limited to the current southern states of Andhra, KarnAtaka and TamilnAdu, but is spread to the northern states as well. RAma bhaktha (HanumAn: devotee of RAma) is worshipped by all devotees belonging to the Hindu faith. This worship begets worldly favours, weds one to the path of righteousness (dharma) and firmly establishes devotion (bhakti). The combination of these factors contributes to the upliftment of the society and nation. With this sole intention in mind, Sri vyAsarAyaru embarked on the process of establishing the idol of Hanuman all over the country.

Despite the above fact, there is not even one of those HanumAn idols (out of the several established by Sri vyAsarAyaru) associated with the SrImatha to date. While many devotees of SrImatha have desired this, your family is the first one that have come forward to hand over the temple and associated land to the SrImatha. Your family has maintained the temple and the surrounding premises cleanly. We earnestly desire this place becomes a yAtra kshEtra (place of worship for devotees) as it comes with its own sanctity. This whole-hearted sacrifice of your family to donate this premises to the Srimatha with the higher intention that it becomes useful to the society at large is indeed commendable. As mentioned by Dhanjaya AchArya, this act of yours is indeed going to bring good to all of you and your generations to come.

The auspicious combination of shanivAra (Saturday) and swAthi nakshatra was not chosen by us; it has indeed come of its own and is indicative of divine plan in timing. We sincerely pray Sri vyAsarAjaru, HanumAn that was installed in this premises, and his indweller (antaryAmi) for their blessings to all of you. This act of yours is highly laudable and is perhaps an auspicious pre-cursor to the efforts that are currently underway toward getting the YantrOddAraka Hanuman temple associated to the SrImatha. There are a few other places also where such efforts are in-progress: RAmanAthapura is the first one. The second one is situated at HaNagUDu on the banks of Lakshmana tIrtha. Those that have made improvements and maintained it so far have also been indicating their willingness to donate it to SrImatha.

Taking over such premises is indeed a big responsibility o the SrImatha. All these days, you people have been managing worship in this premises. Going forward, after we acquire this place, we need to appoint a qualified priest and conduct appropriate worship as ordained in scriptures. We are confident that mukhyaprAna dEvaru will listen to our prayers and show us the way forward toward ensuring regular conduct of prescribed worship in this premises. We want to state that Sri vyAsarAjaru is indeed extremely pleased with this act of donation done with pure mind and submit our prayers to bestow his choicest blessings to all of you.

The Bhoodana seva done by Late Sri. D.S. Krishnamurthy Rao & Smt. Rukmini family members:

  • Sri. D.K. Venugopalan and Smt. Shakuntala
  • Sri. K. Sethumadhavan and Smt. Anusuya
  • Sri. D.K. Raju and Smt. Jayanthi
  • Sri. K. Ragunathan and Smt. Vijaya 
  • Sri. K. Suresh
  • Late D.S. Narayana Rao & family
  • Late D.S Anantha Padmanabha Rao & family 

Credits to grandchildren Sri. S. Harish and Smt. Harini Harish(Hosur), Sri. Kiran R, Sri. Saran R. who were instrumental and facilitated for handing over the possession to Sri Matha.


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